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    Birk’s RAPT°R-heated tube lines of pliable tube heaters and rigid tube heaters are vastly customizable delivery systems. The RAPT°R ensures that any liquids or gases transported remain at the same temperature or arrive at an elevated temperature despite the thermal loss derived from flow, turbulence, conduction, convection or time. RAPT°R-heated tubes can be utilized in multiple applications. Whether you are using a rigid tube heater or a pliable tube heater, RAPT°R has proven successful both in dynamic applications necessitating movement and in static applications requiring stability. Birk’s RAPT°R pliable and rigid tube heaters also have full integration capabilities with connectors, RTDs and thermocouples for ease of installation. RAPT°R reduces the need to source multiple delivery-system components by supplying a single cohesive thermal delivery system to the customer.

    Standard RAPT°R lines are available for immediate use. The standard RAPT°R has proven highly effective in the research, development and testing phases. However, once these phases are complete, customized solutions are recommended, as most RAPT°R lines require retrofitting and custom resistances. Please refer to the technical data below for the standard RAPT°R products.

    Product Customization

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    For Standard RAPT°R only
    Outer Diameter: 0.063" to 0.750"
    Tube length: 6" to 24"
    Heater: Kapton® or Silicone rubber
    Tubes: Teflon® or Stainless Steel
    RAPT°R Heated Tubes
    RAPT°R pliable tube heaters
     RAPT°R rigid tube heaters
    RAPT°R-heated tube lines

    For More Information: (860) 739-4170

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